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    screen printing

    Hairy Ear Prints

    Hairy Ear Prints is a design and printing studio in San Francisco. 
    We print what you care about.

    We have been practicing art for several years, but we wanted to share more widely what we love with others, so in 2017 we began to design images having to do with our respect for strong women, our love for dogs (our logo is a photograph of our most recently adopted dog), and our affection for San Francisco. 

    Hairy Ear Prints Studio is our way of celebrating what we love, of connecting with others, and of contributing to our city's cultural heritage. 

    We create hand done pen-and-ink drawings on which we base our printed designs.  In small, custom batches, we hand print each product by using locally sourced materials and non-toxic, water-based inks.

    We proudly support non-profit organizations that reflect our mission.  Ten percent of the revenue of our products is donated to the Golden Gate National Park Conservancy, Girls, Inc., and the SPCA.

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