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Commissioned Art: Terms and Conditions

Commissioned Art

Hairy Ear Prints offers a service in which customers have the opportunity to commission an original and unique piece of art.

The client must submit a proposal (through the Hairy Ear Prints webpage, custom products), and a photo for the artists at Hairy Ear Prints to create an estimate.  Hairy Ear Prints communicates with the customer who has submitted a proposal and may either ultimately reject or accept the price and conditions for the proposal.

The client who accepts the Hairy Ear Prints final proposal agrees to pay 50% of the price of the commissioned piece in advance of the start of the commissioned work. The final 50% is required prior to the shipping of the work.

For commissioned artwork, Hairy Ear Prints doesn’t accept returns. In the case that the client cancels the commission artwork (in process), Hairy Ear Prints will retain the first 50% as compensation for the labor, cost of materials, and studio.

By accepting a commission, Hairy Ear Prints is required to respect the completion schedule and finish the commissioned piece within the agreed amount of time.

Hairy Ear Prints will provide progress reports as frequently as needed for the client.  By the end of the creative process, Hairy Ear Prints will send the image of the completed commission for the customer’s approval.

If the customer approves the final piece, Hairy Ear Prints will send the finished commissioned piece to the customer.  Hairy Ear Prints will require the customer to sign for the delivery. 

If the accepted commission is damaged upon arrival or otherwise does not look like the previously approved image by the customer, Hairy Ear Prints is required to fix it to fulfill the accepted commission expectations. 

Hairy Ear Prints reserves the right to refuse any commission that is requested based on materials, images that can be troublesome, abusive, threatening, harmful, offensive, profane, obscene, excessively violent, or racially offensive.

Intellectual Property and Ownership


The Hairy Ear Prints (artist) retains full copyright for the artwork produced by the artist. Due to the unique characteristics of the commissioned piece, the artist may not distribute or reproduce the image. The artist must respect the terms agreed upon prior to the acceptance of the commission.  Hairy Ear Prints reserves the right to use the image for marketing purposes unless the customer expressly requests otherwise.


The customer may not distribute, reproduce, or otherwise profit from the artwork, beyond the resale of the original artwork. The customer may not edit, alter, or trace the artwork without the artist’s express written permission, or as agreed upon prior to the acceptance of the commission.


Customers may not commission any art pieces - without prior written consent - that is or contains copyrighted material, work that belongs to others, or material that infringes on the intellectual property rights of others.  Hairy Ear Prints reserves the right to refuse or cancel any commission we believe infringes on any rights of others. 

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