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Unique Gift Ideas for the Special Person In Your Life

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

We all have a person in our lives that has been there for us, supported us, taught us, and helped us through the most trying of times. How best to show your appreciation

than a one-of-a-kind, personalized gift?

Wondering what we mean?

Take a look at our unique gift ideas.

Throw Pillows

Does your favorite lady love to curl up on her couch or chair to read? Imagine her being able to do that with a throw pillow featuring her favorite doggy, or her favorite social icon.”

Kitchen Supplies

If she or he loves to cook or bake, you can personalize that, as well. Have her an apron printed carefully, and in small batches. We could also add their name to it. Customized printed tea towels or napkins are also a great idea if she loves to host parties.


For everybody going to school or those who seem to always carry a bag full of everything one could need, you can personalize that, as well. From rucksacks and totes to smaller pouches for makeup and personal items, Hairy Ear Prints can help you make it happen.

Wearable Items

Some women like to dress up, while others love a more athletic appearance. At Hairy Ear Prints, we can help you personalize attire just for her. From T-shirts and beanies to ball caps and more. Just contact us to discuss your idea.

Let our team help you design the perfect gift for your her or for him. Contact us today to get to work on your special item, or choose one of our ready-made items in the shop. We can also design a special card to accompany your gift, and we’ll even gift wrap it for you to save you time.

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