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Two dogs

We print what you care about!



Personalized Artwork: Because we know that every dog is special, we create pieces of art that reflect their one-of-a-kind personalities.
Don't wait any longer to celebrate the love and joy your dog brings to your life!



The Vitruvian Dog
Unleashing Perfection!

Labradoodle Da Vinci
Unleashing Artistic Canine Style

Introducing our new two t-shirt styles.
One hand-printed using silkscreen, the other using
sublimation. Get ready to make a bold fashion statement with either one.

Join us in our commitment to sustainability. We have chosen to use recycled polyester and cotton, creating a seamless integration of the Vitruvian dog onto fabric.


It's time to say thank you!

It's time to say thank you, and what better way to do it than with our stunning collection of greeting cards? Our cards are designed to convey your heartfelt appreciation in the most beautiful and meaninful way possible.

Linen Pillows

Power Girl for Babies!

We're thrilled to announce the upcoming arrival of our newest addition - beautiful designs on organic cotton onesies!


Beautiful Tea Towels

Spruce up your kitchen with our unique tea towels and napkins -  printed by hand.


Hairy Ear Prints Studio

Our history in art goes a long way back. But, in 2017, we founded Hairy Ear Prints, a San Francisco design studio dedicated to printing handmade gifts and greeting cards that feature dogs, women, and local icons. 

Hairy Ear Prints (inspired by our studio dog) creates beautiful, meaningful gifts for her, and our handmade gifts celebrate powerful women and the places we respect.

Hairy Ear Prints is proud of handmaking all our gifts, greeting cards, and more. This is how we show our love for the dogs of San Francisco and our respect for iconic women.  

Though Hairy Ear Prints is a small, woman-owned business committed to using non-toxic, water-based ink and locally sourced materials, whenever possible, we produce our handmade gifts from 100% organic cotton fabrics. 

Hairy Ear Prints supports non-profits that preserve and help maintain San Francisco's unique flavor. Ten percent of the revenue from our handmade products is donated to the Golden Gate National Park Conservancy, Girls, Inc., and the SF SPCA.

Table Napkins

Cute Happy Dog

We want to hear from you!

We welcome your questions and requests.

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(415) 384-5389

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Hairy Ear Prints. We are in ETSY. Fine, the best designs in ETSY.
Hairy Ear Prints, we create creative products for dog lovers.

Because we care!

Ten percent of the revenue from our handmade products is donated to the Golden Gate National Park Conservancy, Girls, Inc., or the SF SPCA.

Hairy Ear Prints. We support GIRLS INC. We believe in strong girls and women.
Hairy Ear Prints supports Golden Gate National Parks.
Hairy Ear Prints. We support SFSPCA.
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